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I haven't posted on on LJ in a while, but I realized I didn't pimp the new blog I'm doing with sylargrrrl!


We are doing recaps, reviews, and other fun stuff about the shows, movies, and comics we love and the ones we don't.

I just posted my review of the latest episode of True Blood here if you're interested

or follow us on Twitter or Facebook!

I'm hoping to start posting some tutorials or highlights of fandom and art/craft soon, so stay tuned!
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VampD Girls Hug


I've got a thread open for you all to bid on my art at help_japan HERE! It remains open until March 26th.

My sister meiko_michan is over in Japan for her study abroad right now, but she's down south in Nishinomiya (near Osaka) so she was nowhere near the earthquake/tsunami. It's without a doubt that Japan, it's culture and people, have shaped who we both are today.
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Lala Bitch Please


Alright I know I asked ya'll if you wanted a commission in the last post, but I know money doesn't grow on trees. Neither do ideas and I've been wanting to draw, but hitting my head against the art block wall for a while so it's time for...


Just hit me up with a comment or a tweet (@KiyoMichan) with your request.

Please note, I will probably not fulfill all requests. Making a request will not guarantee that I will draw it. However... I am going to try and do as many as I can. This is an unlocked post so point your friends in my direction.

I will open this up to all fandoms, no OCs please.
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